Product launches are a great PR opportunity. In one sweep you are able to impress those that attend, which will stick in their minds and also get to get some publicity from the event through raising awareness.

Even if you only invite a handful of guests, the PR photography images can be used in newsletters, both internal and external, in email shots as well as getting into the all elusive press.

There are local business papers, magazines and directories that regularly feature businesses in their pages. If you haven't tried this out already perhaps it's something you should ponder. Getting it right can make all the difference though.

If you are going to hire a photographer, please make sure you talk them through your brief exactly and not leave anything to be presumed or to chance. If you're after formal shots, tell the photographer. If you are after informal shots with people using your product, let them know this.

It will make all the difference when they come back with what you want as opposed to something that has gone completely beyond your control.

© Lensman Fotography | Jason Chia
© Lensman Fotography | Jason Chia

Product launches are not the only time you will need photography. If you are having an event solely for client entertainment then you will need to have photos to remember the event, great for adding on your website and getting people to visit.

PR photography is very much linked to marketing, getting your business represented in the eyes of your customers and impressing them or building relationships with them.

To Recap:

  • Know your specification, requirements and what you want out of it.
  • Think about where you will use the photos.
  • Let the photographer know your requirements.
  • Remember the ultimate aim is to build current/prospective client relationships with PR photography.