Photography is indispensable in social gatherings, with events such as award ceremonies, business meetings, conventions, parties, press conferences, receptions, trade shows etc. When it comes to special occasions, organizers look for the best venue, the best food, servicing, decorations in other words the best of everything which combined to make the event a success.

Each of these factors have their own special significance in bringing together the event, however it is through photos that preserve the memories of all, which allows one to relive any and many times weeks and years after.

© Lensman Fotography | Jason Chia

DSLRs have gained popularity over the years and the market is brewing with photographers who claim to be experienced, award winning and offer the best service.

Many amateurs consider event photography as great opportunities to earn extra pocket money to buy better gear, entered in this field and designates themselves as professionals.

But in reality things could be quite opposite as they fail to understand the fact that event photography is not shooting just for fun or getting snapshots, but to provide an accurate documentation for the client. It is something that requires a degree of skill and experience.

Just a few photography classes and using pro camera equipment doesn't make any one a professional. Skilled professionals are able to evaluate important moments and capture interesting pictures which make an impeccable visual story.

© Lensman Fotography | Jason Chia

It can be a daunting task when hiring a photographer for your special event, just by googling you will find an entire list of event photographers. Here comes the part where you actually need to put a little effort.

Take time to go through every picture on their website and the recent events covered, this will definitely provide you a fair thought about the quality of work.

Photos at the Gallery are representative of Lensman Fotography's past decade of experience as a dedicated photographer who has covered numerous social and high profile corporate events.

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