I've recently transferred one of my .COM.SG domain to another registrar and did some price comparison. Here is what I've gather, registration prices for .SG and .COM.SG domains across 12 registrars offering from as low as $39. Some does offer one-time discounts for a 2-year registration, but subsequent renewal may cost more.

There are certain criterias and financial considerations for one to become a SGNIC Accredited Registrar, non-accredited registrars are usually resellers of the accredited ones. Whether if you're registering a .SG or .COM.SG domain, basic information you should find out from the registrar are:

  • Cost of domain registration - Registrars may offer a cheaper price or promotions only for registration.
  • Cost of domain renewal per year - Most registrars if not all, charges the same price as what you paid during registration or transfer.
  • Cost of domain transfer - When you want to transfer to another registrar, does your winning registrar charges any admin fees?


Registration Prices & SGNIC Accreditation valid as of July-2018
Cost excludes any promotion or discounts.

More information about .SG domain registration can be found on the SGNIC FAQ.